RAP-Window | Object Stream

Instead of accessing the graphic device interface within the Windows 20XX Server OS System, our Technology access directly the
Windows Object Manager 
and is therefore fully Latency resistant within all
Transmission Media and on between all Distances 


RAP-Window | Server
RAP-Window | Client


Microsoft RDS-CAL License necessary

RAP-Window | Prototype SEN1000 Videos

infor:COM CRM over high Latency Satellite Link

In Action

RAP-Window provides a solution which will reduce the bandwidth requirement and also increases significant the user experience.

RAP-Window archives this by bringing the Application windows, Dialog and other controls to the client’s desktop. RAP-Window interacts with its server component intelligently to update the server whenever there is a requirement.

  - no visible Data Entry delays
  - real-time Screen Updates using local Window Objects
  - no unnecessary Data Traffic when doing nothing
  - fully integrable into the Microsoft RDP Protocol
  - Using only UDP on OSI Transport Level 4

and much more.....

Significantly Improved User Experience

because of

No delayed Data Entry

No delayed Mouse Tracking

Seamless Desktop Performance 
even within high Latency Connections

No Mouse Click delays


Benchmark Results: Microsoft RDP, Citrix ICA, RAP-Window

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